Book writing is the act of writing or producing books. This is a process whereby you document your ideas, beliefs, imaginations, wishes, and assertions for people to read. Inasmuch as this is a wonderful feat to be achieved, it appears to be too difficult to be done. Regardless of how seemingly difficult writing a book is, there is an easy way to go about it and we have covered that in a previous article which you can read here.

In this article, my focus is to show you three reasons you should write a book.

1. Book writing can become a career: Do you have the passion to be a full-time writer? Do you believe you have the potential to write books? If yes, then you can have a career in book writing. By fully immersing yourself in writing, you can produce amazing books for yourself and others (ghostwriting) that will change lives and also bring you money. So, don’t quench your drive to write. Stir it up by writing every day. This is because you may plunge yourself into a big career in writing.

2. Book writing can help you protect your ideas and share them with others: If there were no books written for any of the academic disciplines, how would there be development in our school systems? Therefore, the question above reveals the essence of writing books. Writing books protect ideas and guarantee a good channel for their effective dissemination. This is why undocumented information is mostly lost. So, to keep your knowledge even for posterity, consider writing a book. 

3. Book writing encourages learning: To produce a quality book, you must completely immerse yourself in much reading. You must also be totally engrossed in finding viable information in other literature. Through doing this, you gain knowledge to write and you further stumble on excellent information that could help you produce more books.

In conclusion, I hope the aforementioned reasons are good enough to convince you to start your book writing adventure. Stop imagining what it would feel like to be an author and start putting down your ideas. You too can write a bestseller.

Jonathan Kwabena Mensah is a music consultant, instrumentalist,
song writer, and a masters student at UEW (University of Education,
Winneba) offering communication and media studies.

You can reach out to him via mail on

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