When I finally started writing my first book, Writers’ Armoury, I had struggled with organizing my thoughts into an organized piece. I had a million and one thoughts in my head and it was really confusing putting them down on paper. Several times I would ask myself, “Where do I put so and so idea? Where do I start from? Which one goes first? Where does this thought fit in my book? How do I start? Do I need to just sit down and start with whatever comes to my mind first?” The list is endless.

However, when I discovered these four strategies, I am about to share with you and applied them; it became a lot easier for me to get rid of crowded ideas and complete my book in record time. So, stay with me as I show you how to crush your book writing goal in four steps.


Do a Brain Dump: This is dumping on paper any idea that comes to your mind. It is taking your idea and putting it in the center of a page, then making connections from that idea by writing everything you can think of. In this first stage, you engage in freestyle writing where you are not striving for perfection but just making sure you can pour out everything about your idea via writing.


Outline: After doing a brain dump, you outline by finding major sections from your brain dump that can form specific chapters. In this process, you outline by creating chapters e.g. Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and so on. 


Conduct Your Research: Before writing, you need to have adequate knowledge of what you are writing about, this is where research comes into play. You need to search for books similar to what you want to write about, read them, find out what was included, those that were not included, and gather those ideas that can help you produce a more compelling and value-filled book. 


Start Writing: Now, we are onto the main deal, which is the actual writing process. After doing your brain dump, writing your outline, and conducting your research, trust me, you have made the book writing process less complex than you initially believed it to be. At this stage, you can now begin the actual writing. For every chapter you write, follow this process:

Chapter 1 – Brain dump – Outline – Research – Write.

Chapter 2 – Brain dump – Outline – Research – Write.

And there you go!

I believe when you follow the above steps, writing a book will no longer be an arduous task for you to do. I wish for a seamless process on your book writing journey.

Irene Nwajei

Irene Nwajei is an author and editor. She provides the best writing solutions that help individuals, professionals, writers/authors, and online entrepreneurs, tell their stories, profit from their intellectual property, and build their influence through her books, online courses, training, and done-for-you services such as ghostwriting, content writing, copywriting, editing, business writing, e.t.c. Shas received several recognitions for her exceptional writing skill, including 2nd winner out of over 100 writers in the 2019 28 Days OPEN Writing Challenge, and a television interview with Rave TV Channel that aired in 2020.

You can reach Irene via the following platforms:

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