Over 2 billion people use Facebook on daily basis, what does this tell you? Facebook has long grown from just a chatroom to a community where people of different races and languages meet on daily basis.

Thanks to tech, everything seems easy including the book launch. Over time, authors, and Chief Executive Officer (s) as well, have seen the potential Facebook have to propagate their profit or income, especially during the pandemic era and so they thrive to use this platform for their personal and business benefit.

Physical launching is good but virtual; Facebook launch is great because you are going to be having access to over 500 people if you play your card well.

I will be revealing to you how to use Facebook as a tool for a successful book launch.

The steps include:

  1. Create An Author Page On Facebook

Before you scream why, you should know that you are in for a serious business and not child’s play, that is the notion that the author’s page gives; business only.

Your personal page can be used to catch up with your friends and share your opinion on things that matter less but your author’s page is your workplace, your office.

2. Invite Friends

Invite friends from your personal profile, and upload it on your WhatsApp status to also get your friends on that platform involved. Ask friends to share the link.

Share snippets from your book and keep your friends longing to have the book, create powerful and compelling content on daily basis to wow your audience that will help them know, like, and trust you especially if you are a new author.

3. Run a Facebook Ad

Facebook ads help to drive traffic to your page. It’s not enough to invite friends or probably ask friends to share. Most times that doesn’t give the kind of result that is required to hit the target.

You should go the extra mile by running a Facebook ad, that way, a lot of people will see your page and likely like and follow.

4. Create An Event On The Page

On the author’s page, you opened, there’s a button for EVENT. Click on the button and fill in the necessary information accordingly. In the space that is made for the event name, enter the title of your book, ensure you click on LITERATURE on the category spot, and choose a good keyword.

When it comes to the time and date of the event, choose a time that will be convenient for your target audience. If they are employees, you can decide to adjust the time to suit them.

5. Attach Your Book Sale Link To The Page

Still, on the drop-down form that you will fill, attach your book sale link under the “Add ticket link” to enable those that want to buy the book to easily do that without coming to your inbox to ask for the link and remember to set post permission to “Anyone can post”.

6. Publish the event

After filling out the form as directed, click on publish the event and invite friends to the event. People on the author page will get to see it as well as those you will invite for the event.

You must make sure your book cover is excellently designed in line with what your book is saying. No matter how well you publicize the event, a bad book cover can ruin your effort.

Your book should make sense inside and outside for you to achieve what you want.

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