How about I expose you to the real reason you aren’t growing the way you should as a writer? What if I let you in on some secrets that you must know as a writer to blossom in the writing industry? Every industry has principles that guide it, and the writing industry isn’t left out. There are DOs and DON’Ts in this game and failure to comply with them means you will shoot yourself in the foot. If you’re just starting out as a writer or you’ve been writing but not making progress, this is for you.

Below are the 7 things you must know to excel as a writer.

  1. Know why you write: Building a writing career isn’t an easy ride. It takes patience, perseverance, and commitment, especially at the beginning. A lot of wannabe writers give up even before they begin because they aren’t willing to build from scratch. Knowing why you want to venture into writing even before you begin helps you to remain even in difficult times.
  1. Find clarity: This is the second thing you need to know even before you begin, and if you’ve started already, strive to find clarity as soon as possible. What do you want to write about? What kind of writer do you want to be called? What niche do you want to focus on? Fiction? Nonfiction? Just decide and move on with it. When you find clarity, excellence becomes easy to attain.
  1. Perfection is a myth: Your first manuscript must be perfect! Scratch that, throw that mindset inside the trash can. If you’re a perfectionist, you must train yourself to drop that habit because it will not help the process. One way to reduce your urge for perfection is by pouring every idea in your head on your manuscript before you later edit. That way, you will not obstruct the flow of words.
  1. Self-editing might not do the job well: Most writers struggle to hire proofreaders and editors to look through their manuscripts before publishing. This isn’t right. Your manuscript needs a third eye. Don’t risk releasing an error-filled book to the public; it will tarnish your image. You might be a professional editor yourself, but ensure you give out your book to another professional editor because there are some mistakes you might not see even after reading twice.
  1. Consistency is a major criterion: Consistency is a tool that sharpens your writing skill. You get better not just by calling yourself a writer, but by writing every day. Write all the time, at the slightest chance you get. You don’t need to write a lot, just ensure you pen something down. Writing consistently broadens your creative sense and keeps it flowing.
  1. Authenticity is all that matters: The one thing that will kill your writing career faster than you can imagine is plagiarism or piracy. As a writer, strive to be known for your unique writing style. Your manuscript must be 100% plagiarism-free. To win in the industry, you must be authentic. The sad truth is that readers can fish out the copycats. Don’t make them see you as one.
  1. Readers are better writers: You shouldn’t expect to become a better writer without being a voracious reader. It’s a two-way thing. You must read extensively if you want to write excellently. Reading constantly helps you to learn, unlearn and relearn, and also helps increase your vocabulary. If you want to write excellently, then read good books.

Writing is an interesting skill and you can become even better at it if you are diligent enough to follow the tips above. There are so many writers who earn a living from their skill and if this is something you want to do, then you have to put in the work.


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