How would you feel if you witnessed losses after investing six figures in publishing your book? Devastating right? This is every author’s nightmare. The work doesn’t end when your book gets published. As a matter of fact, writing, editing, proofreading, designing a book cover, and publishing are the first stage. Book marketing is the second and main stage because if your book doesn’t get to the final consumer, you have not achieved your goal.

Your book sale is very important, and that is the reason I have here, 5 simple marketing strategies that will spike up your book sales as an author:

  1. Build your online presence: People don’t just buy any book they see; they buy from people they perceive as valuable. One way to make them see you as valuable is by consistently dishing out the value in line with your message or giving out points from your book on any of the social media platforms. That way, they will come to know you and what you stand for. Set up an author page both on Facebook and Twitter. Write about your book, tell people what it is about and don’t forget to talk about the price. Pay to learn how the algorithm of these platforms work, and make yourself seen and loved by your potential customers.
  1. Get reviews for your book: Give out copies of your book for reviews. But most importantly, give them to individuals that people perceive to be valuable. If they request payment, then pay to get their review. Approach book publishing platforms like Bookney, bloggers, magazines, and newspapers for editorial reviews and post these reviews on your website and social media platforms consistently.
  1. Own a blog or a website: Owning a website is necessary as an author. It makes readers see you as a professional or someone to be admired. Post quality articles that are in line with your message on your website and consistently give out strong punch lines from your book. For instance, if you’re all about sex in marriage, long before your book is published, write consistently on topics surrounding sex in marriage but ensure you don’t give too much information. If you cannot afford to get a website, email marketing platforms like substack are an excellent option.
  1. Write a great blurb: A blurb is a viable marketing tool that increases book sales. You can as well call it a sales copy. The next place readers view after looking at the front cover is the back cover, where the blurb is. Therefore, you must be intentional while writing your blurb, as it determines whether a buyer will decide to go home with it or not. Your blurb must tell the readers what your book is all about and what they stand to gain after reading your book. However, remember to keep it short, simple, and easy to comprehend.
  1. Use a relatable title: Titles determine sale too! Readers go for books with relatable titles, titles that are easily comprehended, and those that promise to solve their problems. For example, a book titled ‘THE CHANGE’ will sell faster than the one titled ‘THE METAMORPHOSIS’. The former is more understandable than the latter. One way to get a selling and authentic title is by sharing various book titles and asking your audience which is more relatable to them, they will give an honest answer.
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Since marketing a book isn’t a child’s play, Bookney offers her authors other marketing options, which include:

  • Social media advertising (Facebook and Instagram feed and story post)
  • Email campaign where we create compelling newsletters about your books and send them to our email subscribers.
  •  Featured tab advertising on the app whereby anyone who logs into the app gets to see your books first on the FEATURED TAB before others.
  • Website banner advertising, which involves using your book as a banner on the homepage of our website
  • Book review, which comes with two options: private review for the author and social media + blog review

All these are simple organic marketing strategies you can use to increase your book sales. Why not put them to practice and come share the good news with us in the comments below?


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