Ghostwriters are winning in the writing industry because 9-5 employees who are good at book writing seldom do so because of their busy schedules. So, they hire other writers to do the writing for them. However, the sad part is, most times, the job gets done by amateurs who don’t understand the rudiments of writing, which is why you must hire a professional ghostwriter; a top-notch book writing company or you write your book yourself.

If you choose to do it yourself but have lots of things on your table; these tips will help you write a book in 30 days despite your busy schedule.

  1. ANSWER THE QUESTION ‘WHY’: Writing a brilliant book isn’t a walk in the park. You must have a potent reason or reasons for venturing into book writing, whether nonfiction or fiction. These reasons will become the propelling force that keeps you on your toes.
  • a) What particular problem do you want your book to solve?

b) What will happen if you don’t write your book?

These are some vital questions that can help you flesh out the reason behind your book writing goal.

  1. USE AN OUTLINE: Every brilliant book you’ve read so far has a structure, and that is what an outline does for you. Beyond that, it acts as your guide to prevent you from straying and keeps your hands on deck. Once you write your book title, list the topics you want to write on and place them into chapters. That way you focus on a topic per time. This works well for nonfiction, where the topics might not be completely related. This tip can also be useful for fiction writing in the sense that it indicates how your story might start or end.
  1. WRITE EVERYWHERE AND ANYTIME: You heard me right!

First, you have little time to accomplish your book writing goal and you can’t afford to waste any time, no matter how small. Alternatively, you can wait till your scheduled time of writing. The bad part of having a scheduled time is that procrastination might encroach, so why not use your time well? Second, ideas fly in and out every time, and as a writer, you need to be ready to grab them as they come.

  1. NEVER EDIT WHILE WRITING: This habit might sound good, but it does a lot of harm to your writing speed. Editing while writing will keep you on a spot for a long time. While following your outline, write every idea as it comes. This is called a brain dump. Do so without trying to see if it fits in the entire book or not. Editing can come after you’re done with penning down your original ideas.
  1. GET RID OF THE INTERNET: Shutting off your internet while writing is a good way to avoid the unending distraction that comes from social media. The notification that pops up at the top of your screen is more of an enemy than a friend regarding your book writing goal. Following these tips with commitment can help make your book writing project happen within your designated time range.

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