Our attention span is lesser than that of a goldfish!

 Isn’t it weird?

Well, as uncanny as it may sound, it has been proven. According to a recent study, the reading span of an average human dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds which is lesser than that of a goldfish which is 9 seconds. 

This means that, for your reader to stay with you till the end, you must put in extra effort while writing your narrative essay, expository essay or in an article writing. 

While writers focus more on compelling titles, they often neglect the more interesting point; the introduction. 

Don’t join them!

Let me show you how to keep your readers glued to your content using a catchy introduction.

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  1. Startup with statistics/ fun facts: 

Did you see what I did at the beginning of this post? That is exactly what starting with statistics means. Share proven statistics or a fun fact. 

Articles that begin with “Did you know?” questions  intrigues readers. This also works well in an expository essay.

Before diving into article writing, research and dig out facts on that topic that are not readily available, and please don’t make the mistake of putting up some facts that aren’t verified. 

  1. Tell a story:
Begin your article writing with a story. Photo credit: Unsplash

I’m sure you must have heard of African folktales and folklores and how people sit for hours to listen to them in ancient times. 

This is to tell you that as humans, our intense love for stories didn’t begin in the early ’90s. It’s an age-long craving. 

This strategy works perfectly because of the inquisitive nature of humans. The attention span might be 8 seconds, but I assure you that no human can walk past an interesting gist. 

We love stories a lot and as a writer, you must take advantage of this fact, but to remain at the lane of relevance, your story must relate to what you want to write on. 

Use it for your narrative and expository essay, but remember to keep it short. 

  1. Ask a question: 
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How will you feel if I teach you how to get more with less? 

You see that! 

Questions like the one above can keep your reader glued to your article or narrative essay because he or she would want to get more with less, I mean, who wouldn’t? 

But ensure that you don’t stray from your lane. Let your content provide the exact solution you promised to avoid getting your readers disappointed and avoid your site or blog entirely.

Writing a catchy introduction that can keep your readers affixed can be very challenging, but the tips I just laid out can set you on the right path. 

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