You are struggling to write, uh? I totally get you. Because at some point in the life of a writer, he or she will struggle to write and that is okay. What you really want to fix or address 99% of the time you are supposed to write. So your first learning point here is that there will be a few occasions when you can’t, for whatever reason, get to it and that is fine. But I can imagine you saying, “You don’t understand! If I can write 50% of the time I will be the happiest person on earth!”
Relax, you can and you will if you follow through with this one thing I am about to tell you. The one thing is that you need to know the reason(s) you are not writing and tackle them and this is what I mean. There is something (or several things) keeping you from writing and you need to sit down and think really hard about what they are and then find a solution.

Let me clarify with a few examples why you may not be writing:
● You lack the discipline to sit down and write
● You are afraid of what people will think of your writing
● When you seat down to write, you don’t know what to write
● By the time you get back from work or school, you are too tired, etc

Now your list could comprise one, some or all of the above or could be made up of entirely distinct problems. So you need to start first by listing them out. Next, you need to take time out and tackle them one after the other and I want to emphasise one after the other. Sort one challenge first and take as long as is necessary to fix it only then should you move on to the next. There is usually over one way to handle a problem, and what you need to do is to find one that works for you.

So where do you find solutions? You can go online and do research and/or you can ask people who have been writing for a while and are doing well how they are doing it. When you do this, you will end up discovering many ways to overcome your challenges. Out of all those ways, you will find one that works for you and, when you do, adopt it. I will wrap this up by giving one workable solution to one challenge I listed above.

Say, for example, your problem is that you are too tired to write when you get back from work. You could try getting up an hour earlier to write when your mind is fresh or shift your writing to the weekend or if you take the bus, you can do your writing on it using your phone or with a pen and notebook on your way to work or on your way back. The bottom line is where there is a will, there is a way you just have to find what works and run with it. So, find out what is holding you back, tackle it and get writing.

Amaka Ugbomah is a romance author and blogger with a passion for happily ever afters, both in the fiction and real world. She loves plantains and eggs, and she tries to work out every day to stay fit!

Find her online at or on Instagram @amakawritescleanromance

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