The efforts you put into your writing will go unrewarded if your readers don’t go beyond a few lines of your write-up. Studies have shown that the average attention span of a human is eight seconds, which is less than that of a goldfish. Crazy, right? However, here are some proven tips to keep your readers spellbound by your write-up from the beginning to the end.

  • Master the rule of one: In your writing, be sure to present only one message, one idea, one call to action, and one line of thought. This way, your writing will hold your readers’ attention from the beginning to the end, and they won’t have to grapple with too many thoughts. You don’t want to leave them confused about what the aim of your writing is.
  • Title your piece: When you title your article, you automatically raise your readers’ curiosity and work on their imaginations. It will also you stay focused on the primary message of your article. Think about a lot of news articles you’ve read do you realise their titles did the magic on your mind? So, try that and see the same magic happen with your readers.
  • Start with a good hook: When a fisherman wants to get fish, what does he do? He gets a hook and a line. The same applies to you as a writer. You need a good hook to capture your readers’ attention at once. A good hook can either be a question, alarming statistics/data, a quote by a renowned individual, or any newsworthy piece of information. Basically, your hook can be anything as long as it can grab your reader’s attention.
  • Have a good conclusion: This is as important as having a title, a hook, and a well-written body of ideas. A bad conclusion defeats the efforts you’ve put into your writing. Your conclusion could be a highlight of the major points in the writing, what you want your readers to remember, or a quote that summarizes the body of your text. The hint is that the conclusion must align with the topic and key message of the writing.
  • Keep your writing short, simple and succinct: Let your writing be straightforward. You don’t need to write long words before you communicate your message. In this age of short attention span, try to make your point early enough so as not to lose your audience. You could limit yourself to a word range. Ensure your words are also simple to understand. Avoid the use of complex words or expressions.

    Add proper paragraphs to your writing: A poorly paragraphed piece can be a huge turnoff to your reader. A paragraph shouldn’t be over eight lines. If your writing isn’t formal, your paragraph can be as small as one line. But if it’s formal writing, the minimum is three or four lines.

    Edit your writing: Do this ruthlessly. You can leave your article for a few hours or days after you write, then come back to edit. This helps you to identify errors you would have skipped.

Do these and watch your writings become the talk of the town

Ilerioluwa Oladipupo is a graduate of accounting from the University of Lagos. She is a writer par excellence who loves to impart people, teach life lessons and inspire faith through her words. Hence, she has written many articles, blog stories and even books to achieve these.
Being an author of three books, she desires to see other authors bring their book ideas to reality without flaws. Hence, she ventured into editing and has edited many manuscripts across different genres, making masterpieces of those manuscripts.

Ilerioluwa blogs at You can reach her via her phone number, +2347037180583 and email: [email protected]

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