Vivid, Romantic, and Relentlessly interesting are the words to describe this historical romance thriller about Maya, a cook, who was taken as a slave alongside her mother and other maidens from Gweru (a village without a king) to Hawassa (a powerful and big Empire) to serve as a tribute for the funeral of their Grand Empress. During the hard journey, Maya loses her mother and vows to take revenge. 

Plotting her revenge, Maya meets Madam Kia, an ally who proved supportive and warned her never to fall in love. 
Indeed, falling in love was never part of Maya’s quest for revenge, but somehow, she let her heart develop a mind of its own and fell in love with a stranger whose identity, at last, could cost her everything, including their lives. At this pivotal point, the entire plot spins into another dimension which rendered the book inconclusive. 

This is the first of the Wellspring Series, so expect another.

If you are a lover of historical romance thrillers, then The Wall & The Flower is a must-read. 
From the descriptive and beautiful setting that depicts the beauty of Africa to the twists and turns of the plot to the distinct characters who owned their voices to the vivid imageries that made it seem like you are watching a live-action, to the word choice, mannerism,  short sentences that made it fast-paced, the rich African cuisine, beautiful clothing, captivating dances, language, culture, and everything just blends perfectly to create a captivating work of fiction. 

The plot of the story is unpredictable, the third-person omniscient POV used is superb and at some point, you would think the author experienced each scene that took place in the story. The author’s grammar is impeccable that you would need a dictionary by your side while reading. A fear that may be experienced is the extraneous characters. At some point, you would wonder why some characters were needed. But it soon became clear that every character had something important to add to the plot. 

Precious Osikha is a terrific storyteller. She paints stories like an artist with a paintbrush. To think she did not ‘set’ this book in Nigeria (her origin) but in Ethiopia, this was a well-researched, developed, and written piece of work. It is filled with characters that you root for and ones that you despise. The Wall & The Flower has it all: suspense, blood, sibling rivalry, vengeance, custom and traditions, food, entertainment, love, politics, war, and a romance to last for a lifetime. 

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