Imagine getting the opportunity to showcase your business or work in front of thousands of people. This is the kind of opportunity Bookney gives one reader every month for FREE.

Every third Friday of the month, Bookney celebrates one reader by advertising them and their brand on her social media platforms with thousands of audience, as well as in a LIVE interview session in Bookney Book Club (BBC).

Being Bookney’s reader of the month is Bookney’s way of rewarding readers for buying authors’ books. It is safe to say that Bookney s the only digital book publishing and reading platform that rewards her readers with either cash (wallet funds) or publicity.

Furthermore, at the end of each year, Bookney features all 12 Readers of The Month on her blog. Therefore, in this article, I have outlined the easy-to-meet criteria to get featured as BOOKNEY’s READER OF THE MONTH.

All you have to do to qualify for this spotlight is:

1. You must have Bookney app downloaded in your Android or iOS device.

2. You must have bought at least one book that month.

3. You must have written a review for all the books in your library.

4. You must be a member of Bookney Book Club. Click here to join BBC.

Easy peasy! That is literally all you have to do to qualify for the reader of the month spotlight and free publicity.

Do you meet the above criteria? Why not join BBC and unmute the post notification so you can be informed when the announcement is made?

If you are yet to buy a book, click here to get started. Or if writing a review on the app for an author’s book is what’s left for you to do, click here for Bookney’s review writing guide for readers.

I really can’t wait to feature you in our spotlight.

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