Some months back, while having a brief chat with my fashion designer on how to write a bestselling book, I told her I am a four-time author and trust me when I say her mouth fell open. And guess what followed?

Praises left and right. While she rained praises on me, saying how impressive I am, I realized she and I both had something in common. Knowledge. Now, my fashion designer is so good at what she does, but she has no clue how to write a book. I, on the other hand, am so good at writing books but cannot even hold scissors straight, talk more of cutting fabric.

For many people, writing a book is easy. In fact, many authors can boast of writing books even in their sleep. But what about writing books that actually sell? Because that’s what makes a book a bestselling book and you, a bestselling author.

To write a bestselling book, there are certain factors you must meet and I have listed them below.

  • Define your target audience: The first step to writing a bestseller is to know who you are writing for. Once you have a defined audience, it will be easy to write a book that appeals to them or solves a pressing problem they have.
  • Have a marketable topic: The theme or topic of your book must appeal to your target audience. It is not enough to have a defined audience, you must also write what appeals to them because at the end of the day you are not writing for yourself and you definitely want people to buy your book.
  • Start talking about your book (marketing) from the outset: Marketing does not start the day you finish writing your book, but it starts the day you conceive the idea for your book. So, at every strategic opportunity, share snippets from your book, talk about your progress, the challenges you are going through while writing the book, and any other information you want to share with your audience. Doing this will make your audience feel like they are a part of your journey and that you are carrying them along. It will also help you form a community around your book, and this is where having a custom-made hashtag will work its magic. You can even put up your book for preorder and use the funds to pay for your book writing and publishing. To find out the best way to put up your book for preorder, click here.
  • Start writing your book: As simple as this sounds, it is often the most difficult part many authors face. If you get stuck when writing or you don’t know where or how to start writing, Bookney has seasoned authors who are experts in book project consultation and accountability. Send us a Direct Message on Instagram @bookney for this purpose and we will help you achieve your book writing and publishing goal.
  • Get your manuscript edited by a professional editor: Publishing a book with errors is like serving your audience water in a dirty cup. It is the duty of a professional editor to read through your manuscript, make sure it is marketable enough, and also make it a flawless read. Bookney has amazing professional editors you can contact for your editorial needs at extremely affordable prices. Send an email to either or to get a quote.
  • Get an attractive book cover design: Gone are the days when people deceive themselves with, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” These days, people (including you) judge books by their covers. The more attractive your book cover design is on a bookshelf, the higher its chances of being bought. Bookney has a team of experienced and quality designers to give you amazing book cover designs and art illustrations at extremely affordable prices. Send Bookney a Direct Message on Instagram for more information.
  • Write a quality description/ sales pitch for your book: This is also called about book information. Apart from your book cover design, the description of your book is another determining factor for buying your book. Your description should contain: what your book is about, who it is for (target audience), what they will learn in your book, the results they are guaranteed to get, and the CTA (Call To Action).
  • Publish your book: After writing and editing your manuscript, with your book cover design in place, it is time to publish your book. Publishing your book is you telling the world that your book is available for them to enjoy. Bookney is a safe platform for you to publish your books as we keep your books safe from intellectual property theft. What’s more, we give authors 80% of their royalty every month. Click here to read more about Bookney.
  • Keep marketing your book: This involves a couple of strategies such as, creating a book trailer video for your book (Bookney can get this done for you for only 7,000 Naira. Just say the word), use teaser posts, run a contest, host a free webinar and sell your book at the end, use influencer marketing which means you get an influencer with a credible paying audience to talk about your book for marketing purposes and collaborate with other authors, bloggers and media to promote your book.

With these aforementioned points, we are certain that in no time you will birth bestsellers.  And the amazing news is, all you need to become a bestselling author on Bookney is 100 book downloads.



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