Nothing beats the excitement that comes with authoring a book. As a smart author, it is important that your marketing/advertising begins the day you conceive the idea for your book. Contrary to what people say, a good book will not and cannot sell itself. You have to create a buzz about your book; get people to anticipate and talk about it. Only then will it sell itself.

You may ask, “What if as I start talking about my book, people get interested and say they want their copies? What do I do, especially since I will be publishing it as an eBook?” This is a brilliant question that I will answer in this article by showing you how to publish your book for preorder on Bookney.

Preorder is the process whereby people pay or place an order for a product before it is available for purchase. So creating a buzz about your book and telling people it is available for preorder (which is usually at a cheaper price than the launch price. For example, preorder price for your book can be $4 while the launch price will be $6). Also, when fixing a preorder price for your eBook, you should put the following expenses into consideration to make sure you are not running at a loss.

  1. Book cover design (Bookney offers an amazing book cover design service for only N5,000).
  2. Manuscript editing.
  3. Book formatting (If you hired someone to do this for you), and any other expenses incurred.
  4. Book video trailer (Bookney also offers this service to authors for only N7,000).

The amazing thing about putting up your book for preorder is that with the money generated, you can use it to fund the aforementioned expenses or even print paperback copies of your book. So how will Bookney help you publish your book for preorder? Follow me!

Step 1: Tell those who want to preorder (or pay) for your book to download Bookney App. It is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Step 2: Create a WhatsApp or Telegram group for them to join where you can monitor them and even use to build a community of people who are fans of your work.

Step 3: Once they have downloaded the app, tell them to sign up/register on Bookney app. (If they have difficulties signing up, send them this link Then they should pay the preorder price into your local bank account.

Step 4: With the monies, they have paid into your local bank account, fund your Bookney wallet. For example, if you price your book at N1,000 and 30 people pay to your local bank account, that would be a total of N30,000. Use this N30,000 to fund your Bookney wallet.

Step 5: Since they are all in one place (a group), you can follow up with those who are yet to download the app or sign up. I will advise you to set deadlines because people won’t do a thing unless they feel pressured.

Step 6: Ask those who have paid, downloaded and registered on Bookney app, to write the email address they used to sign up on Bookney. They should make sure there are no errors in the email address, as Bookney will not be held responsible for such irreversible mistake.

Step 7: With the email addresses you have gotten, you can transfer funds to your readers. Easy peasy!

Step 8: With money now in their wallet, they can search for your book using the title or a word from the title. Once they click on the buy button, the money is automatically taken from their wallet and the book will be downloaded to their Bookney library.

They can now enjoy the goodness of your book(s) while you are confident that your book is safe and that you will also get full (80%) monetary reward. Also, as a way of supporting authors, Bookney has TRENDY BOOK and BESTSELLING BOOK titles for her authors. With 50 and 100 book downloads respectively, Bookney authors can have their books as trendy or bestselling.

Amazing, right? Why not get to publishing on Bookney now?

Now, I know many authors prefer to compile their book in PDF and send to the emails of those who preorder or buy because they think it is the smartest way to get full monetary return (i.e. they don’t have to pay Bookney 20%). But on the contrary, this is a penny wise, pound foolish move and I will explain. Say, for instance, you price your book at $10 and 200 people buy from you, which means you have made $2,000 in book sales. Now, let us assume you sent these 200 people your book via email and they share it to different WhatsApp groups or to their friends and an additional 200 people get a hold of your book for free, which means you have just lost another $2,000! I think this scenario puts this mildly. There are people who will buy your book in PDF and then sell it to other people and then pocket the money for theirself. This is even more painful than people sharing your book to other people for free.

But what if you publish on Bookney (both preorder and launch) and you price your book at $10? Of course, Bookney takes 20% for keeping your book safe from freeloaders and intellectual property theft and advertising it to reach a global audience. This means you make $8 on each book. So if 200 people buy your book via Bookney, you are sure that it is only those 200 people that have a copy to your book because your book cannot be downloaded from Bookney app. Which conversely means, you will not be scared of losing money to freeloaders or intellectual property thieves.

Can you see why it is important to publish on Bookney?

Don’t let a meagre 20% ruin all the hard work you put into writing your book and stop you from earning what you deserve. If you know someone who is planning to put their book on preorder or share their book via email, send them this article to read and see how they will thank you.

We look forward to seeing your published works on Bookney. Need Bookney’s publishing guide? Click here.


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