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BOOKNEY is a book publishing/reading platform birthed out of the desire to see people achieve their dreams of becoming authors who are not afraid to release their books into the world because of plagiarism or poor book sales. We help you live your dreams of being a globally recognised author by safeguarding your books on our platform as well as reaching a large global audience of ready buyers. We also give avid readers the opportunity to choose from a plethora of books from authors all around the world without breaking the bank. We also give readers one free chapter of paid books so they can have an informed buying decision.

BOOKNEY is a portmanteau of the words books and money. With this name, we try to express that authors’ books are safe and are guaranteed to make sales. Our mission is to provide book publishing services, safety, sales for published authors; and a convenient, fun, pocket-friendly environment for readers across the globe. 

Our core values include diversity, safety, trustworthiness, result-oriented, innovation, accountability, fun, creativity, and integrity.

BOOKNEY app is free to download on Google PlayStore and app store.

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